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Offering the Allentown area Therapy, Support & Service Dog Training Programs to Pet Owners

Allentown Therapy, Support & Service Dog Training | In House

Here is our working canine team. Each of our working dogs has been trained for individual jobs.

We invite you to learn about our programs for service, therapy, and support dog training.. Allentown, PA, clients, and those in the surrounding areas turn to us when they want their dogs (and even their cats) to perform specialized tasks.

Therapy Dogs & Cats

Many people ask us what the difference is between a service dog and a therapy dog. A therapy dog or cat is trained and certified by our team to help elderly and infirmed individuals in hospitals, retirement homes, and schools. These animals bring happiness to the sad, comfort the lonely, and encourage the challenged.

Owning a certified therapy dog or cat can be a rewarding way to help others. Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior has comprehensive training and certification programs for your canine and feline companions. Many dogs and cats that come to us are natural at becoming therapy animals. Natural Therapy dogs becoming certified for therapy dogs can be a very simple process.

Our Certification Process for Therapy Dogs & Cats

We first evaluate how your dog or cat behaves when placed near a wheelchair, walker, and crutches. One of our dogs is also brought in to work alongside your pet. It is normal for some dogs and cats to need additional training since they can become shy or skittish around wheelchairs or walkers. We will work closely with your pets until they become comfortable.

If all goes well, we will proceed with the certification process. Rest assured that our team of expert trainers and animal behaviorists personally conducts all the Allentown area cat and therapy dog training, pre-testing, and testing. This ensures that your pet completes our program. We also teach you the right way to react when you encounter unexpected circumstances. In addition, we provide you with places where your certified therapy animal can begin their new career helping others.

Service Dogs

We offer the Allentown area service dog training to address various health concerns and help physically and mentally challenged individuals. Our training program involves developing basic obedience skills and teaching your dog to assist you at home and in public places.

We Train & Certify Service Dogs for the Following

  • OCD Assistance
  • Anxiety & Panic Attack Assistance
  • Diabetes Alert & Assistance
  • Heart Attack Alert & Assistance
  • Addiction Recovery Assistance
  • Suicide Recovery Assistance
  • Seizure Alert
  • Blood Pressure Alert
  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Hearing Impairment Assistance
  • Muscle Impairment Assistance
  • Pain Management Assistance
  • General Medical Assistance

Through the Americans with Disabilities Act, the US Congress allows service dogs in public places and all modes of public transportation. We conduct our Allentown service dog training program to teach your dog to address your individual needs.

Purchasing a trained service dog will cost you around $40,000–$60,000. We can train your dog at a fraction of that amount (i.e., $3,500–$5,000) because we are training your own dog alongside you. For those who do not own a dog and are thinking of getting a service animal, feel free to consult with us to find which breed would be appropriate for your needs. Rescuing a puppy can be a good alternative for a service dog candidate.