Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior


Off leash training can be accomplished with every breed of dog. At Marx’s Lehigh Valley Dog Training and Behavior, we start Off Leash Training as soon as we have the leash manors and recall perfected with your dog. 


Legally there are very few places that your dog is allowed off leash. I am asked to off leash train dogs often. This part of the training is very simple. There should never be the need of an electronic device. In fact, I would urge that you don’t use them due to the battery in these collars are incredibly unreliable. If a dog is trained to react to the tone and he doesn’t get the tone due to battery failure, your dog will not respond.

Nora, Linny, Ruby, and Saxony are our current lineup of ambassador dogs that have been trained alongside their predecessors. They were taught to use their sensory system to track heart rates and blood pressure so they can sense aggression as it emerges. For many of our clients’ dogs exhibiting fearful or aggressive behavior toward other canines, our dogs have become the first dogs they have ever befriended, showing our Allentown area dog to dog aggression training to be worthwhile.

Consider off leash dog training as soon as your dog has mastered the perfect stay and recall with us in our classes. We will be more than happy to guide your dog until he is ready for our off-leash training classes. These classes are held after the primary Sunday classes. They are fun and informative. This is actually the easiest class for us to train. Dogs learn this faster than you probably imagine. 


The dogs in these photos are participating in the Off Leash Training classes. They each are waiting to be called out of the line and to his owner one at a time. This is only the second 20-minute training class for many of them. Even though these dogs are German Shepherds there is often many other breeds and mixed breeds in this class. I’ve never met a dog that we couldn’t train to do this. 


We have a very simple and effective method to teach dogs how to be Off Leash Trained. This method also will keep the dogs safe while learning. Our Off Leash Dog Trainers are standing close by to help the dog remain on the stay as needed. In this class, as the dogs become close to completion, I will have my own dogs walking around and even trying to distract the dogs waiting their recall. The dogs on the stay will ignore my training dogs. When the handler calls their dog, it will run directly to its owner and sit. The dog will be praised and then the dog will be directed to walk directly next to his owner back to the line. Praised again and placed back on a stay. We then repeat with each dog. 

 Let our OFF LEASH DOG TRAINERS show you how simple and fun this is to learn!