Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior

Providing dog training classes in the Allentown area by top dog trainers

For over 37 years, Marx’s Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior has been providing comprehensive dog training services. Tri-state area clients, turn to us when they need to transform their canine companions into well-behaved family members with our dog training and off-leash K9 classes. Our Allentown dog trainers are experts in aggressive dog training as well.

Ideally, we like to start training dogs as early as 10 weeks old. However, we work with dogs of all ages. We generally start with teaching your dog to enjoy walking on the leash without pulling and getting choked. Next, we teach them various techniques we have developed and perfected over many years of training and breeding canines.

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This is the brother-and-sister team of Linny and Huxley. They are two of the dogs our clients work with in our free follow-up group sessions.

All dogs are individuals, and we treat them as such. Our goal is to teach them to work peacefully together in our group dog training classes in the Allentown area. Please note that we never use shock collars for our services, which specifically include the following:

  • Private Dog Training in Your Home or Outside Your Environment
  • Free Group Obedience Classes
  • Free Group Socialization Classes
  • Programs for Implementing Rescue Dogs and puppies in a New Home
  • Programs to Prepare Dogs for the Arrival of a New Baby
  • Programs to Address Leash Pulling, Barking, Housebreaking Problems, & Food Aggression
  • Rehabilitation for Dog-to-Dog & Dog-to-Human Aggression
  • Anxiety Medication Elimination
  • Ambassador Dog Training
  • Agility Dog Training
  • Therapy Dog Training & Certification
  • Service Dog Training & Certification
  • Training Programs to Teach Your Family to Be the “Leader of the Pack”

Do you want to be more proactive in correcting your dog’s unacceptable behavior? Find out how our dog trainers in Allentown can help with off-leash K9 training and more. Contact us today to request a free phone consultation at (484) 515-9691 and evaluation.

Our Puppy Training Program

Our complete puppy training program includes in-home behavioral training and setting a foundation to help your dog adjust to their new environment. This program deals with many common problems, including:

  • Housebreaking Issues
  • Crate Training
  • Overaggressive Play Behavior
  • Basic Puppy Behaviors (i.e., Separation Anxiety, etc.)

Once your puppy accomplishes their in-home behavioral training, they will undergo our unlimited free lifetime obedience and socialization classes. For your convenience, all the classes come free with your behavioral classes (Classes are optional). Most obedience training programs run for a few weeks, but our program lasts throughout your dog’s lifetime because they deserve the best training available.