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“We adopted our dog last September from a non-kill shelter. We did not know much about the dog except this would be his 3rd home in 2 years and that he had been abused as well as came from a family with an abusive marriage. Lance (our dog) lived in a car for approximately 2 weeks with his owner. So the story goes we adopt Lance hoping to make this his “forever” home. This past June we had an incident where Lance bit the neighbor. We immediately contacted Gwenevere. She and Kristi came to our home and spent 4 hours with Lance and us. Since that point our dog is calmer, listens, does not jump when people enter our home. We attend class every Sunday and our dog is now a well-adjusted happy dog. We ended up receiving summary citations and had to appear in court. Gwen was AWESOME!!! She listened patiently to us when we were upset, helped anyway she could, spoke to our attorney and came to our hearing to testify on behalf of our dog. There are NO WORDS to express our THANKS to Gwen, Mike, Christie, Valerie, Greg and all trainers. Their hard work and dedication and belief in dogs is a wonderful gift and has helped us in so many ways. We have learned a great deal about dogs from them. THANK YOU AGAIN for your help. Classes every Sunday are awesome. We look forward to learning more every week.”

“So I have two large boxers and a newborn. The baby is 6 days old and her first night home was the worst day of my life, because the dogs were uncontrolable. I called Marx’s dog training first thing in the morning of day two. Gwenevere and Kristi have just left my home and I don’t recognize my dogs. They listen to my first command. I feel comfortable putting the baby in bouncy seat and not standing directly over the dogs. I am in full control on walks. Now I understand that I must continue the training, but today is a great day. The training provided is worth more than you will have to pay. If you’re reading the list of bad behaviors or the testimonials, rest assured you have found the right trainers for your pet. Thank you so much Gwenevere and Kristi!”

“I just wanted to thank Gwenevere and Kristi for the great session we had with them and our dog Bella. I truly thought she was untrainable, but thanks to both they proved me wrong. Bella is now a puppy I enjoy playing with without getting nipped at. In one 3 hour session she has Improved so much. Her jumping has calmed down and taking her for a walk now will be a pleasant walk. She acts like a totally different dog, still full of energy, but it’s controllable energy. We came to the first follow-up training today and plan to attend more. I can’t thank you enough!”

“I just want to say WOW!!!! I have a 92 pound Rotti who I dreaded to walk and one 3hr session made our lifes so much more pleasant. I have taken her for 4 walks since Sunday and today is only Monday and what a huge improvement. We walked Nazareth High School and there was a softball game going on and she was a perfect angel no pulling no jumping. We live about 50 feet from a park and with the beautiul weather there are tons of kids out and I always try to avoid it, well not today she was so good such a different dog. I give Marx’s training a 10 star!!! Thank you so much for everything.”

“I would like to thank Gwenevere and Kristi for helping us with Kapone our 6 month old American Bully...Kapone needed some fine tuning on his basic commands and also learning to treat our house guests properly whether they were human or animals...They made the whole family a part of the training process which was exciting for all of us. Thanks.”

“I’ve never done a testimonial on any company or service I’ve used in the past,but I truely feel I have to when it comes to this company. We have a 9 month old German Sheppard, very loving, but EXTREMELY hyper. Jumping on people to say “hello” was the norm for her. My wife, now 8 months pregnant with our first child said we had to do something about her hyperness, and to get her trained as quickly as possible now that I was back from my deployment from Iraq. When I contacted them about our dog & explained our situation, their service was beyond caring, I never once felt like a client, but more of a family member to them. They spent 3 hours, coming to my home, and treated my dog as if it was their own, not once raising their voice, or what some would call “being rough”. I honestly can say they were true professionals in every sence of the word. Within 2 days of following their regiment of training, myself and my wife were in awe of how eager and happy our dog was to learn. It’s like we have the dog we always knew we had, but hadn’t come to be yet. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“My family cannot express enough thanks to your facility~ we had the best experience. your company was easily reachable, extremely reliable and understanding. my husband and I did not know how things were going to go today, however we are both very well pleased and are looking forward to our future in follow up classes! thank you again and again for taking your time as well as your assistant to help make our family a family again!!!! i can honestly say i will be passing your cards out to everyone!”

“Thank you Gwenevere for helping us with our Heidi. You really do care about dogs and it shows. We could hardly believe that Heidi would be having fun playing with another dog. To watch your Saxony and Heidi playing was so touching. Going to the Pet Shop with Heidi for the first time after your training was just great. We will be continuing our home training and are looking forward to your Sunday afternoon classes. Once again, we cannot thank you enough.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time and coming to train Jordan. We have noticed quite a difference with her after just one session. We can’t wait for the classes to begin - Please hurry Spring!! Thanks again Gwenevere. We are thankful for your loyalty and expertise with animals, it is very difficult to find someone like you.”

“I just wanted to say a great big thank you for allowing Dozer to participate in your Therapy dog session. He has been working since Jan. @ The Phoebe home and the residents just love him! He is so well behaved & never had a single issue, even when confronted with a variety of resident animals. He loves his job and has been a perfect gentleman! Thanks for the great job you did in preparing us for this opportunity!”

“Hi Gwenevere. I have to give you a progress report on Buddy. We had our 1st vet appt since you worked with us last year. Previous appts consisted of Buddy barking frantically every time someone (staff or client) entered or left the waiting room. There was absolutely no stopping him. He also was difficult to manage physically - always turned into something of a wrestling match. I sat in the parking lot with him for a few minutes tonight & reminded him to be quiet, then went into the waiting room. There wasn’t a single bark during the 75 minutes we were there. He did some whining, but mostly sat at my feet & occasionally laid down. I just rubbed his ears, petted, & praised him. He was SO good for the entire visit. When we got home, I actually had enough energy to go shopping, instead of collapsing into bed. I am so proud of the progress we’ve made. Thank you for your help in bringing out the best in him.”

“We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the in-home training by Gwenevere, Wendy, Miss Peppers and Saxony. Our dog, Star, is a totally different dog! She sits, stays, heels, and most importantly - pays attention to us rather than other dogs, squirrels, or anything that moves in front of her when we are walking her. I think we have some work ahead of us regarding her aggressiveness towards other dogs, but that showed dramatic improvement at the first Sunday training session last week. We will be there every week that we can, because we know she can be a good girl. And, her “good kisses” are fabulous too. We cannot thank you enough for how you have helped us. Neighbors have complimented her just in the last week - and it is such a good feeling (for all of us!!!). A big thank you to Saxony too - Star’s first “gal pal”. Now, if we can just get her to play with other dogs, everything will be perfect. You have saved our family and Star from a lot of stress. We just can’t thank you enough.”

“I just wanted to write and thank Gwenevere and Wendy again for their help with my 2 Boxers - Rambo and Jewels. I’m still amazed that in just 4 short hours they taught me how to control my dogs. To stop jumping on company, leave the vacuum cleaner alone, and walk on a leash two at a time with 1 hand. I will gladly spread the word about this excellent training experience. Thanks again.”

My Crazy Chihuahua

“Thank you Gwenevere. You and your assistant were at my home three weeks ago. We can’t thank you enough. Our 7-pound dog Slippers had been controlling our home for so long we really didn’t know what could be done. I had two other trainers out to help, one of them could not get close enough to slippers and the other one just wanted to talk about why dogs become aggressive. We were about to give up.

“You did not put blame on us or the dog. You managed to be able to pick up slippers in a very short amount of time, which was amazing! You began working with very simple commands before you touched on the aggressive behaviors. I really think that helped slippers learn to trust you.

“My dog would not let any family member get into my bed, even my husband. It actually seemed like I had to choose between my husband and my dog. I thought you were going to tell us that slippers could not sleep with us any longer. You did a surprising thing, you addressed this and taught slippers how to come and lay down next to me when he heard my husband coming in the bedroom. When you told us that once my husband got in bed that the growling and snapping would stop I was not so sure, you were right. Now slippers actually wags his tail when my husband comes to bed and will cuddle with my husband part of the night. My husband can now pick up slippers right off of my lap, never before. Walking on the leash is a pleasure now too! Thank you so much, we can share slippers with each other and have a long peaceful life with him.”

“Hi Gwenevere, I am e mailing you an update on Cricket the German Shep. mix from Reading. We have not been able to attend the classes as we planned but we will most likely be there this week. We had not been able to pet our puppy at all before you came to the rescue! We had been told by our Vet. that our dog needed your help. He bit the Vet assistant in the face when she put him on the scale. My 5 year old would not go near Cricket at all. Even you put gloves on to give him his temperament test {We thought for sure he was failing miserably} After about 10 minutes you looked up at my family and smiled, your words were so kind, you simply said that we have a very normal dog that will be just fine with some behavioral training. Within minutes you had Cricket sitting still while you stroked him from nose to tail. We were amazed! One by one you worked with my family members. My 5 year old got to pet Cricket for the very first time. Now they are inseparable. Cricket no longer steals food from my children. The 10 day housebreaking worked in 4 days not 10. Your leash training worked like a charm and the jumping to bite us is well in the past. Thank you so much Gwenevere. We thought we were in over our heads with this puppy. I hope to see you this weekend.”

“It was only last night that we concluded our four-hour behavioral modification session with Gwen, her assistant Marian, and Miss Peppers and Saxony. Like others before us, we can only exclaim “it’s a miracle!” Kilo is a 4-year old, neutered male German Shepherd whom we’ve had since he was a pup. But we had a lousy experience with our well-meaning puppy class instructor, one that set us spiraling downward with Kilo remaining anxious about other dogs and our world contracting to become smaller and smaller as we tried to avoid contact with other dog walkers. Not a way for dog or human to live.

“Gwen observed that Kilo was “entertaining” himself by his outbursts. What fun to make “Mom’s adrenaline churn. What fun to hide behind tree trunks. What fun, what fun, what fun. Bored out of his mind, he made his own game.

“Within two hours he was walking side by side with Miss Peppers and Saxony. By the end of four hours, we’d actually gone INSIDE a pet store with our boy. We learned skills to aid us in guiding this guy toward desired behavior. We’ll follow up with the group socialization classes the Marx’s make available to her clients. I am already looking forward to walking beyond our neighborhood with Kilo, his new backpack, and a new confidence I longed to possess but didn’t think was possible. We were all so tired at the end of our session that I didn’t adequately thank you, Gwen, Marian, Miss Peppers and Saxony! See you this weekend!”

“Thank you Gwenevere and Niki. My dog was just out of control. Pooping in the house, chewing on everything and pulling on the leash so hard we stopped walking him. Baily our Golden Ret. jumped up and almost broke my moms nose before you came. Baily is great now. Like you taught us, be the pack leader and our dog will respond. You taught our whole family. We can now take our dog any place. People say all the time Wow what a well behaved dog you have! We hand your card out like candy. You should be on TV. Thanks again and we will see you at your group class.”

“I would recommend Gwenevere Marx to anyone who has a dog. She is unbelievable! I still can’t believe that she fixed our dog in about 3 hours! I’m a believer.”

“Gwenevere Marx saved our dog. She came to our house and did what several other trainers couldn’t do. Simba was on the way out the door when we called Marx’s dog training in a last ditch effort to save him. He bit my son in the face near his food bowl, and that was the last straw. Gwenevere was able to stop the food aggression, and now my son is confident around our dog again. Thank you Gwenevere.”

“Fantastic!—That’s what I have to say about Gwenevere Marx. We could not walk with our dog Ringo, who is a 100lb Rottweiler. Ringo was also not friendly to other dogs in our development. After several hours of working with Gwenevere and Miss Peppers, we were able to walk Ringo in our neighborhood for the first time without him going ballistic around the other dogs. This was the best money I ever spent. Thanks Gwenevere and Miss Peppers.”

“We drove 4 hours. We live in Delaware. A true life saver for our family. We could not take our dog anyplace. When Libby our lab/collie rescue mix came to us she was already very nasty towards other dogs. We were at a loss. We tried Petco, she got even worse. I found Marx’s on line and called. We showed up on a Sat. and worked with Miss Peppers for three hours, the next day we had her in a group workshop and could not believe our eyes. Libby was calm and seemed to love being a part of the 20 dog group. She is now manageable and understands how to act around other dogs. We now take her to parks and pet stores. Thanks to Gwenevere and Miss Peppers we are looking forward to a long life with our dog. Totally worth to trip to PA.”

“We just had in home training for our Lucy - 6-month-old black lab. She was terrible with door crashing, jumping, eating everything and especially walking on a leash. No matter what we did, it did not make a difference. It is only my husband and I in the house but our kids and grandkids come for dinner every Sunday. Lucy was normally confined because she would not calm down. When Gwenevere and Mike came, in three hours, they taught us and Lucy how to respond and behave. On the first outing, Lucy was walking on a leash, my granddaughter got to walk her for the first time. She had aggression at dinner time with her bowl. She taught us and Lucy what to do. Jumping on first night was to stopped. Yeah, we thought once they leave and were alone, she will go back to same way. The next morning we got up and took her for a walk, she did not pull at all. I can walk my dog!!! There was no jumping. Anything she was not to have, we told her leave it and it worked. Never before, we chased her all over the house. What an improvement on her aggression with her bowl. That does need work, but much better. Door crashing and calming down is down to a minimum. I thank Gwenevere & Mike for making our home a happy one now with Lucy. My granddaughter is looking forward to working with her. We are all seeing a big difference. We will keep in touch about once a week for a while to let you all know how she is doing. That is for the people that don’t believe. Yeah, it does work. After one day, I am impressed and very happy. Thanks again.”

“Thank you Gwenevere for all your help. My little 7lb dog was a handful. He is not lifting his leg on my furniture any more. Your 10 day no fail housebreaking program worked! He has not tried to bite me since you came to my house. I can clean his ears and clip his nails my self now (big money saver). I walk him and he does not bark at the other dogs, he just walks along like a good boy now. Thanks Gwenevere and Niki, you two are awesome!”

Worth Every Penny

“I wanted to tell you that since we’ve been working with Samson and your training program, walking him with the kids has been smooth and easy. Even when we wait at the bus-stop, he is a well mannered boy, and people in the development are noticing, and commenting with positive remarks. Since previously Samson had gotten some sideways looks from people, it’s esp. gratifying when their dogs are desperately pulling on their leashes and not listening, and my well behaved Rottie is in a sit/stay, with nothing more than his ears perked up. We have even received an invitation for a puppy play date with a Labradoodle. Kinda funny. Thanks Gwenevere.”

You Changed My Life in Three Hours!

“My dogs were crazy when they would see another dog. They would act like they would bite people when they came to our home. They would fight with each other over any little thing. Now when I say leave it, quiet and heel they listen to me. I come home and they settle down right away. My family and I thank you for all that you did for us. We don’t have a lot of extra money right now but you were affordable and fast. Thanks again we look forward to coming to the classes.”

Gwenevere Is Amazing!!!

“I would like to thank Gwenevere for all the hard work she did in helping our German Shepherd, Rowshon. Rowshon is a 100lb male shepherd with extreme people aggression. He has had some trauma in his life, 2 eye surgeries and 1 ACL repair, which I feel is the root to his aggression. I have been told by 3 vets to put him down. He is only able to be in contact with 6 people, whom have known him since he was a puppy and whom he trusts. We have been through the gamete of trainers, who used various techniques (Schuzund and “clickers”) and no one has been as successful as Gwenevere. She came to our house, w/ her assistant Mike and spent about 3 1/2 hours working w/ Rowshon. He was very aggressive, but she did not BACK DOWN. By the end she was able to pet him and w/out any reaction. She gave us homework to work on, most importantly how to answer the door when people come over and to be able to sit w/ Rowshon and be calm. We have people over all the time now, and Rowshon sits with us and seems to be happier, not so stressed. Her training session was a big SUCCESS! I am so happy to have met Gwenevere and her staff and I look forward to all of the obedience classes in the future. Thanks so much!!!”

We Can Walk Ember Now. Thanks, Gwenevere & Miss Peppers

“Miss Pepper’s is a wonderful dog and Gwenevere’s techniques helped us tackle our dog to dog aggression with our Black German Shepherd, Ember. We use to have such a hard time on our walks, Ember would react to every dog leashed or in an electric fence. Miss Peppers came to the rescue, she let Ember know that she is not as “cool” as she thinks she is. Miss Peppers, barks (communicates) something that only dogs can understand, and it works! Add in the walks w/ Miss Peppers and soon you see your dog is behaving positively. Now our walks are pleasurable. We can walk by all dogs, with no reaction. I think our neighbors are happy too, not so fearful anymore. Thank you Ms. Peppers and Gwenevere ~ Keep up the good work.”

Thank You So Much

“We are so thankful that you came when you did! We had been told by our vet that nothing could be done. We have two Jack Russells, Jack and Jill. Jack hated even the sight of another dog and Jill hated both people and other dogs. Jack bit the neighbors new puppy and Jill bit my sister while on a walk. We hadn’t walked them in over a month because there are so many dogs in our neighborhood, when they would see one they would attack each other. We love our dogs but we could not take them out of the house without fear. You made us feel better right over the phone and helped us to get through the week while we waited for our appointment time. We were so afraid our dog would bite you. You knew exactly what to do, you had Jill calmed down in minutes. You showed us how to do all the things that we needed to do to keep the great behavior you taught our dogs. We now take our dogs to Trexler Park and to the pet stores every chance we get. You told us that you did not want to take our dogs out of our dogs, just their poor behavior. We feel like we have new dogs and we love them more than ever. We can’t wait to take them to our vet and show him that Jack and Jill could be well behaved, even around other dogs!!! Thank you Gwenevere, Niki, Miss Peppers and Saxony.”

“Hi Gwenevere, I thought I would e mail you to let you know how things are going. You were at my home in Bethlehem last month and worked with my Lab /Shep mix. Trever. Trever was a nightmare to walk. I could no longer go any place that there would be another dog, cat or even a person. Trever has not tried to attack another dog since you worked with him. He walks perfectly at my side and now goes to the park and the pet stores with me. I feel so proud when I see other dogs acting crazy, I now have the nice dog, just like you said I would! You taught me how to stop saying NO and how to say heel, leave it and GOOD BOY. I am looking forward to the warmer days so I can walk my dog for entire afternoons. Thank you for helping my dog and my family. Give Miss Peppers a big hug from Trever.”

Thank You for Saving Skipper

“Dear Gwenevere You saved another dog last week and we can’t thank you enough. I thought I would share with your readers how happy we are with our dog since you came to our home. We have a 3 year old Golden Ret mixed with Irish Setter. The teenagers in the neighborhood have been teasing him to the point that Skip would lunge the fence when people walked by. He bit a young man while walking past and would pull so hard on the leash that only my husband could control him. We had to lock Skip in his crate when people came over, as he had become scary around any person that came to our home. Our friends stopped coming over and some of them told us we should have our dog put down. YOU PUT A STOP TO ALL OF THIS! We now have a dog that we can love again. You taught us so much, our dog is acting like a gentleman around our guests and friends, as well as minding his manners around the fence. If only you could train teenagers to listen like Skip! (lol) Thanks again, you are terrific Gwenevere.”

Thank You for All Your Great Work

“Hi Gwenevere, I wanted to write you a nice thank you. Having a service dog has changed my life. My doctors are so impressed that thay have modified many of my medications. I can leave my home without the panic attacks, I only check my door once to see if it is locked and now I don’t feel like a prisoner in my home! Remember the lesson where you taught Skip to find my car in a parking lot, yesterday I needed him to do that. I started to get that lost feeling that in the past would throw me into a serious panic attack, all I said was Skip take us to the car. Skip stepped out of the heel and got in front of me and gently pulled me directly to my car. When I got into my car I let skip get in my lap, I held him close and cried, this time out of relief. I remembered when you handed me my dogs service badge what you said to me. You said “don’t be shocked when Skip does something amazing”. Well Gwenevere he does something amazing every day. To the world around us he looks like a well-trained mutt with a vest on, to me he is my ticket to leave my home as often as I would like! Thank you.”

Freeing Willy

“Willie(a dobie-beagle mix) was fine as a puppy, he played with his housemates just occasionally guarding his bone. When Willie turned 15 months old our world changed. Now he was attacking them. For whatever reason he would lunge and try to bite our other Dobie mix. We had various trainers come to the house every week but the attacks worsened, he now attacked all the other dogs and cats. It became necessary to have him in a muzzle to prevent injury to the other animals and humans. Now confined to a single room, Willie started not wanting to come out of his room. When we tried socializing him with other dogs at local pet stores and our local parks we were asked to leave. Walks at local parks would mean strategic planning, all escape routes plotted and hiding behind trees until the other dogs would walk by. Finally the hard decision was made. Willie would either have to be put down or someone would have to help him. Medicine and every herbal remedy was useless. It was just time before he would kill. Desperately looking for help online I ran across Gwenevere’s website. It sounded too good to be true. Ms Peppers sounded like it might work. Willie under the control of Gwenevere and her assistant Nicki introduced him to Ms Peppers. Willie was a level 8 out of 10 for dog to dog aggression. Willie stopped barking and challenging, he turned his head. He started walking with Ms Peppers looking up in the trainers eyes. Previously he wouldn’t look me in the eye unless I had food in front of my face. He sniffed Miss Peppers behind and started walking between Ms Peppers and Saxony (Gwenevere’s other dog). You could actually see the change in his eyes, his facial muscles now relaxed. We met more dogs in that weekend than Willie met the previous 20 months, no reaction. He actually was walking next to other dogs. Mo more walking thru mud or behind trees. We went back home with both Willie and his housemates working together.

“The best way I can describe what Ms Peppers does is she showed Willie how to be a dog. He did not know how to communicate with other dogs. It was if he was in a foreign land not knowing the language. Now thanks to Gwenevere and her team Willie is exploring the canine world for the first time. Willie “the dog” still needs to practice what he learns and is earning our trust and should be able to in the future be totally leash free in his home. On behalf of Willie and my family thank you Gwenevere, Mike and Peppers, you gave Willie back to me.”