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Understanding Animal Behavior & Its Relation to Dog Training

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This is Ruby, she is learning how to help our clients dogs in many ways. She specializes in teaching the fearful puppy how to be well adjusted.

Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior has been specializing in dog behavior for over 37 years. Our Allentown dog behaviorist team knows that understanding the specific behaviors of dogs is important to explaining the why, how, and when of their specific needs. By analyzing the reasons for dogs’ negative behavior, we redirect their behavior through appropriate training and proper treatment. Each dog is unique, so there is always a reason why they exhibit certain positive or negative behaviors.

Helping You Become a Skilled Dog Owner

Turning a dog into a well-behaved family member is all about teaching the humans. Rest assured that we take great care in choosing the proper program for each dog from reactive training to aggression training for the Allentown area. In addition, we come to you as Animal Behaviorists able to teach your dog and guide your family on how to be skilled dog owners.

We teach you to understand your dog’s body language, learning to know what they are saying. A wagging tail can mean many things, but we will teach you the differences. Our Allentown dog behaviorists also guide you on understanding the look in your dog’s eyes to help you understand what they are thinking. Learning such things will help you as a dog owner as you train your pet to be a happy family member.

Expertly Addressing Negative Dog Behaviors

It is common among dog owners to mistake nervous behavior for aggression and bully aggression for fear aggression. In these situations, our Allentown dog behaviorists assess your dog’s body language to identify the cause of these behaviors before determining the direction to take for their training.

For dogs that are difficult to housebreak, we examine the why and where of their potty accidents to develop the right housebreaking program. Habitual leash-pulling is another negative behavior we typically encounter. There is a clear reason for this, which we try to understand before creating the most suitable training program to resolve this issue. Every dog we work with learns positive leash manners in the very first session.

Having us come to your home means having an expert Allentown dog behaviorist and trainer teach you and your dog. Please note that we never blame the dog owner or the dog. We simply teach you to become an effective pack leader by analyzing why your dog exhibits certain behaviors. In addition, we train your dog to respond without the need for treats, clickers, or shocking devices.

Comparing Dog Training & Dog Behavior

A Dog Trainer teaches dogs to do things. An Animal Behaviorist teaches dogs to stop doing specific things. We combine these two skills to give your dog a well-rounded teaching experience as they become an excellent family member.


Group of Dogs Behaving

Does your dog do this? We can fix this problem without using a shock collar.