Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior


aka, any electronic device attached to a dog’s neck. including the Mini Educator, the tone and vibration and Shock collars. These collars are widely known to do emotional damage. The only exception is the fencing collars. Provided the training is done correctly. Without the dog being shocked.

My team and I have helped hundreds of families over the last 15 years recover their dogs’ trust, several months after electronic collar training has been completed. 

At first this style of training may seem to be working. Soon though, many dogs will begin to revert back to their former behaviors. The human will then be instructed to start using the shock button to control the dog’s behavior. This is when your dog will begin to lose their trusting nature towards the family. Over and over, I meet these dogs and help them to recovery.

I have watched many dogs help me raise their pups to become amazing family members. I have watched them closely. I have watched all mothers and older siblings to fathers and uncles help me to raise the pups. I see the older dogs structure the pack in the most organic ways. They would never put an electronic device on their trusting family members. 

Your family dog needs to trust the human to teach good behaviors. Unwanted behaviors are most often easily turned into good behaviors. Your dog doesn’t have to be put through a human electric device to learn. Dogs have a amazing way of teaching. I can teach you how to be that affective Pack Leader in a most natural way.

Raising the family dog does not have to be complicated. I would never recommend leaving your dog for any type of board training. This is another way the trust of the dog will likely be compromised. Not worth the risk! Training your dog with solid help and advice will be the most helpful, even if you have complicated behaviors. I never leave your side as I teach your dog to perform simple and complicated tasks. Once we teach your dog something new. I will teach you how to achieve the same thing with your dog. Leave it, jumping, barking, leach pulling and so much more. Food aggression, Dog to dog aggression and human aggression can all be modified without the use of electronic collars or board training.