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The Well-Adjusted Family Dog

Allentown Family Dog | Puppy Socialization Classes & Leash Training

Our puppies work with your puppies. Having the right training dogs can help your puppies become well-adjusted. We start training our working dogs as soon as they are 10 weeks old.

Allentown Family Dog | Puppy Socialization Classes & Leash Training

Does Saxony love Gwenevere or does Gwenevere have peanut butter on her face?

    In Allentown, a well-adjusted family dog exhibits the following behaviors:


  • Handles most situations they may be confronted with and rises to the occasion with curiosity and interest.
  • Is comfortable with dogs racing out of a yard and towards them or walking comfortably through a crowd of people and dogs.
  • Is comfortable being petted by people of all ages, including toddlers.
  • Sits calmly while cars, bikes, and wheelchairs pass by.
  • Allows their owner’s family and friends into the home without becoming overexcited.
  • Trusts the humans in their life to be the leader and make the right decisions for the dog.
  • Always knows their humans will keep them safe.

Many dog owners choose Marx’s Lehigh Valley Dog Training & Behavior to turn their canine companions into well-adjusted family dogs in the Allentown area with puppy socialization classes. Whether you are training new puppies or rescue dogs, you should start defining and structuring the rules for them before they take matters upon themselves. The sooner you do this, the better. We say this because we are often called in years after the fact. A dog that knows how to get past the general rules to get his way is a smart dog. However, smart dogs can quickly learn new behavioral rules with a little direction and consistency from their humans.

Our Training Process


We ask you for the rules and boundaries you would like us to teach your dog and even their annoying or frustrating behaviors.


We teach your dog to replace poor behavior with good behavior.


We teach you and your family to become your dog’s leader and teacher.

Dogs are at their happiest when they have good leaders. In addition, happy dogs live longer because they are less stressed. Once we relieve the stress from your dog, yours will also go away.