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Service Dog & Therapy Dog & Therapy Cat Programs

Therapy Dog & Cat

Many people ask us what the difference is between a Service Dog and a Therapy Dog. A Therapy Dog or Cat is specially trained and certified to help the elderly and infirmed in places like hospitals and retirement homes and schools. These dogs and cats bring happiness to the sad, comfort to the lonely and encouragement to the challenged. Owning a Certified Therapy Dog or Cat can be a most rewarding way to help others.

Many dogs and cats that come to us are natural Therapy Dogs and Cats, and require very little training. The process to become a Certified Therapy Dog or Cat is simple. We first evaluate your dog or cat with a wheelchair, walker and crutches. We then bring another dog to work along side of your dog or cat. If all goes well we will take you and your dog or cat into an assisted living home for the elderly for your dog or cats pre testing. Many dogs pass and become certified at this point. Some dogs and cats need additional training. Often dogs and cats will be shy and even skittish around the wheelchair or walker. We work closely with your dog or cat until he/she becomes very comfortable. When your dog or cat becomes a Certified Therapy Dog he/she will receive a Certification and a ID Tag. Gwenevere Marx does all the training, pre testing and testing personally, to insure that all dogs and cats complete the program. We also teach the owners how react when the unexpected happens. We get you started with places to begin your dog or cats new career at helping others have a wonderful day. If you are interested in having your dog or cat become a Marx's Certified Therapy Dog or Cat please contact us at 610-395-6166.

Service Dog

A Service Dog is a dog that we train for your specific needs. If you or a person in your home is physically or mentally challenged it is possible that your dog can help you in many ways. Our program starts from the beginning with basic obedience and goes all the way to teaching your dog how to help you at home as well as in public places like shopping malls, grocery stores, movie theaters and restaurants.

Types of Service Dogs That We Train and Certify:

• Ocd Assistance
• Anxiety, Panic Attack Assistance
• Diabetes Alert, Assistance
• Heart Alert, Assistance
• Recovering Addict Assistance
• Suicide Recovery Assistance
• Seizure Alert
• Blood Pressure Alert
• Wheelchair Assistance
• Hearing Impaired Assistance
• Muscle Impairment Assistance
• Pain Management Assistance
• Medical Assistance

Above are the common types of service dogs we train. If your condition is not listed please call us. We may be able to outline a program to qualify you and your dog.

Congress has placed a law in the US through the ADA allowing Service Dogs in all public places even public transportation, including air planes. Marx’s Dog Training SD Program trains each dog for your individual needs Purchasing a trained SD will cost in the neighborhood of $20,000 to $40,000 dollars. We are committed to training your dog at a fraction of that amount ($3,500 - $5,000) We are able to do this because we are training your existing dog. If you do not own a dog and are thinking you would benefit by having one, consider consulting with us as to what breed would be the best choice for you, we will be happy to help. Consider rescuing a young dog from a shelter.

Written by Gwenevere Marx

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