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Just Say No to Shock Collars

Dog training should be just that, training. Meaning teaching a dog what we want from him to make our life with the dog a pleasant one. We know first hand it does not take torture to teach, in fact we see more and more dogs coming to us that have been tortured with shock collars. So sad to see them. We work diligently to help them find there lost personality and give them an opportunity to see the world without having to submit to torture.

Let’s talk about Abby, a two year old German Shepherd. She came to me six months after a two week shock treatment at an inboard, well, let’s just say torture chamber. She in the beginning peed herself while entering our training center. I approached her and immediately asked if they knew who had abused this sweet dog. Their reply was that they paid two thousand dollars to a man that promised shocking doesn’t hurt dogs and there dog would know all commands and be a perfect house dog. When they picked Abby up she seemed happy to see her family at first, and they were able to walk Abby to the car on a perfect heal. Although she was walking well she would only look to the ground, which was odd since Abby always liked to look at everything around her before. Once in the car she sat like a perfect angel but would not take a treat or look at her family in the eyes. At home the usual game of ball was a disaster. Abby simply lied down and looked away. Abby seemed to be a robot on commands but wanted no part of being loved, in fact she withdrew more and more each day until the family called the so- called trainer. He told them that he could re-shock the dog for half the original price. Thankfully the family declined. Next Abby started to growl at the children in the home as she always wanted to be left alone. As a result of this the owners were considering putting Abby down. First they consulted with a German Shepherd Rescue who referred Abby’s family to us. Soon after, I met Abby and put her into a special class designed for extremely shy dogs. At first it was hard for Abby to be a part of the pack I designed for her, by now all of her command work was lost. She didn’t even know the sit command. Her eyes were filled with a vacant stare and she seemed so scared of everything. It was the third class when she lifted her tail from under her legs and the fourth class she began to show enjoyment and started to interact with the dog pack and even accepted the other handlers reaching out to her.

I slowly implemented the family’s children into Abby’s training until Abby began to accept and respond to them as she once did as a very young dog. Eight weeks later she began to come back to her old self. Now she is an agility star and grabs every opportunity to show off. We taught her that training is all about bonding with her family. Abby still visits us and will be coming to our walk in the park workshops this summer. We never rushed Abby. We slowly spent the time needed to teach her how to be loved again by giving her a fun place to learn and teaching her how to be a useful family member. Thanks Abby, you always make my day!

Buddy, a 3 year old male Yellow Lab came to us after a two week inboard shock treatment as well. He had started to growl and charge at strangers walking by. He never bit any one, but at one and a half years old his owners were very concerned and left him with a man who promised to fix him. Once returned he seemed fine at first, but he did seem very timid. The owners noticed the growling had stopped but now Buddy had a new issue, he was staring at every one’s hands. He bit his owners hand for no apparent reason. It was out of the blue. On a walk he bit a stranger on the hand who was just walking by. His third bite was a nasty one to a family friend that knows the dog well. Their Vet recommended bringing Buddy to us. We had to start Buddy from scratch with command work; he forgot all of it within two months of being shocked. He tried to bite me at first. I slowly rehabilitated Buddy with firm correction and a lot of praise. Buddy still comes to us for classes and he gets to go to what we call, GOOD BOY CLASSES. He is completely turned around and loves to be petted. He is now a trust worthy happy dog. He is headed for advanced obedience classes. Buddy nearly got put to sleep because of one man, two weeks, and a shocking device.

At Marx’s Dog Training Centers we promise to train your dog WITHOUT shocking him. Beware of in-board training most all of them will shock your dog, only about half of them will admit to you that they will do this to your dog. In- Board Trainers won’t let you visit your dog while your dog is there or watch them while they are working, we ask you to ask yourself why this is. If any person needs to shock a dog, please don’t put them in the category of a Dog Trainer. If you need to shock a dog then you don’t have clue as to how to train them. If you are still considering shock collar training, ask yourself these 4 questions.

1- Does electric shock cause pain?

2- Why does this person use pain to get results?

3- Will you be upset if your dog comes back with a withdrawn personality?

4- Would your family benefit by learning how to train your dog?

Written By Gwenevere Marx