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Dog to Dog Aggression

Miss Peppers

Miss Peppers

Does your dog go nuts when he/she sees another dog? Do you have the dog that will run to the end of the leash and start barking and lunging towards the other dog out on the walk? Will your dog stand at the window charging and barking at the dogs that are simply walking by? You are not alone, this behavior can be easily turned around. This is called Dog to Dog Aggression. Miss Peppers and I will turn this behavior around for you, under your watchful eye. This can be accomplished in a few short hours.

About Miss Peppers

Miss Peppers is a four year old German Shepherd trained to help with dog to dog aggression. She is able to sense aggression and gage the level of intensity. Together Peppers and I work on teaching the dog how to be introduced to other dogs. Peppers becomes your dogs very first new dog friend. Once the dog starts to become receptive to her, Miss Pepper's demeanor will become very calm, and she will encourage the new dog to walk next to her on a perfect heel. Miss Peppers will slowly begin to walk closer and closer to the other dog. The other dog will begin to mimic Miss Pepper's behavior. Next we bring in Splash (Big Mama) or Saxony, who is trained to distract the dog in training, and before you know it we are simulating a group class with three dogs. Some dogs come to us very aggressive and some dogs have only a mild case of aggression, in all cases Miss Peppers is able to convince the dog to become calm and receptive. We then take your dog for an outing to a pet store or park where there will be other dogs. After the outing you will have a dog that can be out in public without any embarrassing behavior. You will have a dog you can take everywhere! Owners have been bringing their dogs from all over the East Coast so their dogs can learn how to be interested in the world around them, without needing to lunge, growl, bark or bite other dogs. Miss Peppers is a very gifted dog and has become quite the celebrity on the East Coast.

Titles held by Miss Peppers:

Advanced Obedience 1, 2, and 3
Agility 1, 2 and 3
Therapy Dog
Licensed Service Dog
Water Search and Rescue

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Readers' Choice

Miss Peppers

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