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At Marx’s Dog Training, we have been specializing in dog behavior for over 25 years. Understanding the specific behaviors of each dog is important in order to get to the bottom of the why, how and when of each dogs individual needs. By analyzing the reasons for the dogs poor behavior we are then able to redirect the behavior with appropriate training and proper treatment. Each dog is as different as each human. There is always a reason why a dog exhibits any behavior, good or poor. Turning poor behavior into good behavior is much easier once we understand the reason. We take great strides in this process to insure we choose the proper treatment program for each dog.

We always come to you as a Behaviorist that is prepared to train your dog as well as teach your family to be a skilled dog handler, even your children.

We teach you what your dog is saying with his or her body language. For instance, the waging tail can mean many things; we will teach you the differences. We teach you how to read the look in your dogs eyes to help you understand what your dog is thinking. This will help you throughout your dogs life while training him on how to be a happy family member.

Nervous behavior is often mistaken for aggression, your dogs body language can clearly tell us what is creating this behavior and the direction to take in his training. Bully aggression is often mistaken for fear aggression; once again we read your dogs behavior before we begin your dogs training.

We are often called in to assist in the training of the hard to housebreak dog. Understanding the why and where of potty accidents will help us to put your dog on the right housebreaking program.

The habitual leash puller definitely has a clear reason for this behavior, understanding why your dog is pulling on the leash will help you and along with our training will resolve this issue.

Having us come to your home is having an expert Behaviorist as well as Trainer to teach you and your dog. We never blame the human or the dog; we simply teach you how to become the pack leader. We teach you true understanding of why the dog exhibits the behavior you are living with. We train the dog to respond to the family members without the use of treats, clicker or shocking devices.

Written by

Gwenevere Marx

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