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Gwenevere Marx with her Ambassador Dog Saxony

Ambassador dogs are dogs that have been trained to behave calm and kind to all other dogs. These dogs have had a considerable amount of behavior training to insure their safety as well as the other dogs safety. There are many Ambassador dogs working quietly in our weekly workshops. We often call on them when we have a dog that is having trouble adjusting to the other dogs. Trained Ambassador Dogs have a very calming effect on dogs exhibiting anxious behavior. Many times the Ambassador Dog simply sends a comforting message with a calm look and soft body language to the anxious dog. We often place anxious behaving dogs between two Ambassador Dogs. Dogs can become great dog trainers with appropriate behavior training.

Saxony is Marx’s Dog Training and Behavior’s Ambassador Dog. Saxony is a one and a half year old German Shepherd. We trained her along side of Miss Peppers. Miss Peppers taught Saxony the danger involving aggressive dogs and how to sense a possible attack. Saxony is trained to come directly to our feet for help before the other dog shows aggressive behavior. A good Ambassador Dog is trained to know when aggressive behavior is about to immerge. These dogs are trained to use their sensory system, tracking heart rates and blood pressure as well as their other senses. Saxony has become first Gal Pal to many dogs that came to us with fearful behavior concerning other dogs. Many dogs seem aggressive but are not. Aggressive dogs work with Miss Peppers first and Saxony second. Fearful dogs work with Saxony first. If you believe that your dog is fearful and could benefit from working with an Ambassador Dog please call us.

Proud owner, Mike with his Ambassador Dog Squash.

Mike and Squash

One of our workshop Ambassador Dogs is named Squash. She is half Rotty and half Pit Bull. Squash came to Marx’s Dog Training several months ago. She had severe Bully Aggression towards other dogs. Miss Peppers began teaching Squash to be calm around other dogs as Miss Peppers always does. About two hours into the training Peppers began treating Squash differently. I believe Miss Peppers senced the unique quality in Squash that only dogs can see. Squash went through intense behavior training and rehabilitation classes. Squash’s human family trusted our knowledge and followed our direction. Their commitment has paid off. Squash is now a favorite Ambassador Dog that often comes to our classes to share her unique gift with others.

If you believe that you may have a natural Ambassador Dog please call us. Ambassador Dogs play an important role in our dogs society. We always have room for another Ambassador Dog.

Written by Gwenevere Marx

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