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Is Your Dog a Candidate for In-Home Training?

  • Is your dog aggressive to your guests?
  • Do you become apprehensive when children are present?
  • Does your dog think he owns the neighborhood? Does your dog lunge, charge and bark on your walks at the other dogs?
  • Did your Veterinarian suggest that you put your dog down?
  • Have you changed your life style due to your dog’s poor behavior?

At Marx’s Dog Training, we understand that some dogs have special conditions that may be best addressed in their own environment. One of the reasons may be a dog that has territorial issues and won’t tolerate guests coming into the home. Another is a dog becoming aggressive to someone who lives in the home, or another dog in the home. Will your dog growl or snap when a family member tries to get in your bed or gets close to you while the dog is in your lap. Some dogs become over excited and difficult to calm down when guests come to your home, we turn this behavior into a positive experience for your dog and your guests. We can turn your walks into a pleasant experience for you and your dog in just one session. Many dogs act aggressive as soon as he/she sees another dog, we can turn this behavior around for you. For these types of issues we offer In-Home training and we guarantee results.

We come to you prepared to help you become your dogs pack leader. Most In- Home training sessions last about three hours. We are the trainers that get right to the root of the problems and begin working with your entire family and your dog. We are NOT the trainer that comes in to just look and listen. We are hands on trainers who are able to train any dog WITH OUT the use of shock collars, ever!

If you have to put your dog out when friends visit, worry about the children in the home, or think your dog is un-trainable please understand you don’t have to live like this, we come prepared to fix even the most complicated issues from the start, not after two or three visits like most trainers. Please call us for more info and pricing. 610-395-6166.

TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE NOW! If your puppy or dog has any of these behavior problems or any other issues call NOW. We Promise to give you back control and joy over your home and your pet! We are now offering FREE group classes for all dogs and families that take advantage of our In Home Training! The classes include Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Obedience and Therapy Dog Training.

• Biting
• Growling
• Snapping
• Snarling
• Mouthing
• Dominance
• Over protectiveness
• Begging
• Keeping off furniture
• Digging
• Climbing/jumping
• Chasing vehicles
• Pestering problems
• Aggression towards outsiders
• Hyperactivity
• Eating own fecal matter
• Introducing new pets
• Aggression
• Jumping
• Barking
• Stealing food
• Accidents in the house
• Marking/dominance
• Sexual mounting
• Stealing your personal items
• Climbing walls/fences

• Destroying your yard
• Excessive licking
• Aggression towards owner(s)
• Aggression towards other dogs
• Scratching
• Psychotic/neurotic dog
• Destroying your property
• Introducing new babies
• Stealing articles of others
• Destroying furniture
• Chewing
• Fearful behavior
• Phobias
• Separation anxiety
• Pulling/straining on the leash
• Running away
• Submissive urination
• Whining
• Bolting out doors/car doors
• Jumping out windows
• Jumping walls/fences
• Aggression towards other animals
• Counter surfing
• Territorial issues
• Anxiety/nervousness
• Behavior problems after a house move


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